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Columbarium Structural specifications: vertical non-splicing integral combined type; single door outer diameter: 403×303×300㎜.

columbarium technical parameters
Other product questions
“Columbarium must pay attention to what




Specifications (㎜)

Safety and reliability





High quality galvanized sheet


50 years without rust, deformation and oxidation

If you want to make a good selection of columbarium, you must consider the material in the existing social environment, because different materials basically have different prices. In fact, different materials can bring us better results. When considering the production cost of different materials, there will be some discrepancies in price. Basically, this has also been an important consideration for selection for thousands of years. “
Electrophoresis gold

There can be no gaps in the upper and lower combination



GB 6063 aluminum alloy profile

Single side thickness 1.0mm

50 years without rust, deformation and oxidation

Electrophoresis gold

Frosted gold anodized plus electrophoresis


top cover

International Choice Quiet Place 6063 Aluminum Alloy Profile

On the surface, the ashes storage racks with a thickness of 1 mm on one side all have different upper limits. When the ashes storage racks are actually loaded, there will be various heavy objects to carry, as well as fixed materials. “

50 years without rust, deformation and oxidation

Frosted gold anodized plus electrophoresis


If the columbarium panel wants to give full play to the stronger advantages of the ashes storage rack, considering the application requirements of the relative natural environment, it is suggested that the design should be carried out according to the regulations of the natural environment. In addition, suitable raw materials should be selected. At the structural design level, the installation requirements should be considered. Designing effective specifications and dimensions will not only show stronger application advantages, but also show a higher effect, especially when it shows a solemn and sacred aesthetic effect.

Aluminum composite panel

Gold aluminum composite panel

Bright and colorfast

golden bottom


panel pattern

What are the classic and three-dimensional patterns in the placement method of “columbarium” are subject to the actual sample.


door frame

International 60


63 aluminum alloy profiles
Single side thickness 1mm

In addition, if conditions permit, it is best to arrange a separate room to offer Buddha statues, so as to express respect for the Buddha, and also to help the placement of Buddha-related items.
50 years of no rust, no fading, no deformation, no oxidation

Electrophoresis gold

Quality assurance plus electrophoresis of frosted gold anodized materials



Stainless steel




special lock

Stainless steel

Corrosion and oxidation resistance

Does not rust


side panel

In the national standard room, the main material of the columbarium needs to be formed by compression molding, so it must be taken into account that it cannot be sprayed in the later stage. Decorative aluminum composite panel

30 wire double-sided aluminum plate aluminum-plastic plate thickness 3mm

The pattern is fixed around the bead


number plate


main parameters of columbarium

When placing the columbarium, it must not be in the bathroom or kitchen behind it. There must be a backrest behind it. Only in this way can it bring better feng shui and the effect of the ashes storage rack. “
Lattice bearing plate load-bearing performance

Each layer of columbarium bears a load of 50kg, and its deflection does not exceed 0.5mm, and the cabinet door cannot be stuck.

Cabinet load-bearing performance

The upper part of the columbarium cabinet bears at least 500kg of static load. After 48 hours, it is unknown that the classification and specifications of the current ashes storage racks are different. They are gradually expanded through modern processing technology to meet different selection and use requirements. Therefore, in the process of use, it involves To many different requirements, including certain use stability and fire safety, due to the combination of modern processing technology and, many modern production technologies are also integrated into the production and processing of ashes storage racks, including the main structure of the ashes storage rack. design and other important factors. Visible permanent deformation

Spray thickness/(㎜)




Impact resistance/(km·cm)

≥40 No peeling, cracking or wrinkling


High-grade fire protection


Not lower than level 2




Salt water resistance for 2 hours, no rust, no aging, no deformation, no cracking, no drumming, no discoloration, no fading, no degumming, no moth-eaten In the process, it will be found that the materials selected by different manufacturers will be different, and the process selected by each manufacturer will be different, so the materials they choose will be different. In this case, when you can When you choose a regular manufacturer to produce products, you will find that their materials are absolutely very good, they are exquisite in workmanship, and the price is very reasonable. No mildew, no burr


All screws in the visible part of the main body shall not be exposed


There shall be no light leakage or gap between the back and the back of the cabinet, layer and layer, and column and column ≥ 0.5mm

columbarium technical parameter requirements
1. The limit deviation of the outer dimension of the columbarium is not more than 2mm.

2. Columbarium door panel design: three-dimensional

3. Panel production process: imitation glazed relief Buddha statue

4. Bearing capacity of columnarium shelf: ≥220N

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